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Giardiniera-Stuffed Eggs

Once upon a time when I was a girl I dreamed of opening an egg-themed restaurant. It would be called “EggSquisite” and every item on the menu would feature eggs in some way. The doorway would be egg-shaped and, of course, my restaurant would be located in a mall ~ I did grow up in […]

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(Not) My Mother’s Easter Bread

(Hat tip to my friend Joann Condino, whose beautiful hand wood blocked linen tea towel serves as the backdrop for this photo.) * * * * * Good recipes have a way of returning to us, even if they have been lost for awhile. Take this one for toasted coconut bread from a restaurant in […]

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Food Writing Workshop in France

That’s right ~ I am venturing outside of Italy for a change. I’m thrilled to be teaming up with Jamie Schler, author of the award-winning blog Life’s a Feast and the forthcoming cookbook Orange Appeal, for a food writing workshop in France. Jamie and I will be hosting a four-day writer’s retreat from December 6-10 […]

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Pasta e Patate | Pasta and Potatoes

So. Stella was a bust, at least around the Capital Beltway, where we got less than 2 inches of snow and plenty of slush and ice. Still, the forecast for the next few days promises wind and chill. In other words, a good excuse to make pasta e patate ~ pasta with potatoes. Who would […]

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Candied Orange Peel

I recently wrote a piece for the Washington Post on the secret to making great cannoli. The secret, by the way, is to use my mother’s recipe, which she developed in the 1970s, and which, I can tell you, has stood the test of time. The crisp-fried shells, flavored with cocoa powder and finely ground […]

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January is for Giardiniera

Nothing beats the cold crunch of giardiniera on a blustery January day. I don’t know what it is exactly about this ubiquitous Italian mixed pickle ~ the tumble of vibrant colors, the peppery spices, the sharp tang of vinegar ~ but I always crave it at this time of year. My guess is that my […]

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Polpette di Tonno | Tuna “Meatballs”

Ciao! I made these tuna “meatballs” for dinner last night and they were delicious. I posted a photo of them on Instagram and got numerous requests for the recipe, so I am sharing it here. They are stuffed with olives, breaded and fried. Their flavor reminds me of olive Ascololane, the famous meat-stuffed olives of […]

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Tajarin Piemontesi

Most of the time I use my all-purpose pasta dough recipe when making homemade noodles. But this past weekend I took a virtual trip to Piemonte and made tajarin, hand-cut egg noodles typical of this northern region. I’m going to be demonstrating how to make them on Friday at the annual NIAF (National Italian American […]

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Tagliata, Florentine-Style

Autumn in Virginia tends to be mild, which means it lacks the splash of a New England or Midwestern fall. Fading green, yellow, and brown are the predominant colors in my yard at the moment. On the upside, a mild fall means an extended grilling season. And that means I get to keep making this […]

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Earthquake in Central Italy: How to Help

AUG. 30: THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH NEW INFORMATION Dear Friends, The immediate effects of Wednesday’s earthquake in central Italy are now known: nearly 300 dead and three mountain towns ~ Accumolo, Amatrice, and Pescara del Tronto ~ destroyed, homes literally reduced to piles of rubble. Other mountain towns, including Castelluccio and Norcia, in […]

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