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Fresh Shell Bean Soup for Fall

My farmers’ market is, at the moment, overrun with beans ~ green, wax, Romano, and the variety known here in Virginia as October beans. October beans also go by the name of cranberry beans and, in Italian, borlotti beans. They are classic soup beans. A certain amount of confusion surrounds these beans so I’d like […]

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Laundry Is Forever, Fava Beans Are For Now

It’s fava bean season, and I’ve just returned from picking a basketful of fat green pods from my lovingly tended terraced and trellised hilltop garden, with its fairy tale view overlooking that quaint medieval village… Right. The truth is, I feel a little disingenuous writing about fava beans. I don’t have any growing in my […]

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The Family Dish: Slow and Saucy Romano Beans

Green beans like to hang around, and I like that they like to hang around. Long after the corn and tomatoes and eggplant have departed from farmers market stalls, the piles of green beans remain, along with their cousins, flat-pod romano beans. In summer, I barely cook green beans, steaming them just until they are […]

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The Family Dish: Good To The Bone

Every so often a ham bone comes into my possession, for which I am always grateful. This is usually thanks to my brother-in-law Darren, who sometimes puts out a ham for family gatherings, and who is generous enough to part with the bone so that I may have it. Once or twice, when friends have […]

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Radicchio’s Secret Side

Today I’m guest blogging over at my friend Robyn’s web site Fabulous Food Finds. Robyn focuses on finding great food, products, and tools for the kitchen. I wrote about radicchio, one of my favorite “greens” to put in salad. Did you know that radicchio has a secret, mellower side? Head on over to Robyn’s site […]

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Fagioli (Beans)

I am a hoarder of beans. Dried beans. I find them irresistible, especially if i come across them while I am traveling and they are harvested from the area I happen to be visiting. If they are a variety I have never heard of, all the better. I buy a bag, or two, and have […]

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