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Spirals (Cookbook Appreciation)

Something odd happened Friday night. I found myself, at about 9:00, alone in a quiet kitchen. My daughter was at a sleepover and my husband was working late. My 14-year-old son, who had deigned to stick around for our take-out Chinese dinner and a DVR’d episode of The Office, had retreated to his cave room. […]

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In Praise of James Beard’s Mother’s Biscuits

For a long time, I was afraid of James Beard. I know; it sounds silly even as I write the words, and if I were to tell you the reason you’d likely think it even sillier. So of course I’m going to tell you. My folks had a smallish collection of cookbooks when I was […]

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Message In a Bowl

You can tell a thing or two about people by the way they make oatmeal. Take, for example, my dad. Occasionally on a cold winter morning he would make oatmeal for my sister and me before school. It was…edible. Strictly utilitarian, Dad’s oatmeal was cooked in water, with a little brown sugar stirred in at […]

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