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Dicembre Dolce {Sweet December}

Photo by Maren Caruso, from Williams-Sonoma Rustic Italian (2011, Weldon-Owen)   I do not have a sweet tooth. Nine times out of ten I will choose a second helping of pasta over dessert. Except in December. December was made for sweets—sweet breads, boozy cakes, spiced pies, and cookies—cookies piped with icing, festooned with sprinkles, dipped in melted chocolate, […]

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Chocolate Hearts and a Cookbook Appreciation

Eight or nine years ago I took a cookbook writing class at L’Academie de Cuisine, in Bethesda. I don’t know what prompted me to sign up for it; I never imagined I would be writing a cookbook. Writing cookbooks was for people like Julia Child and Jacques Pepin and Marcella Hazan; certainly not for a […]

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Biscotti alla Nutella (Nutella Butter Sandwich Cookies)

You may not remember the old days, before Nutella was available in this country. I do. Those were not happy times. My little kid brain could not fathom why something so marvelous–a chocolate concoction that Italian children spread on bread and ate for breakfast–could not be had in the land of peanut butter and marshmallow […]

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Bribery (Hot Chocolate, Italian-Style)

The first time my husband and I took our kids to Italy was in 2004. Our daughter was six and our son had just turned eight. It was a two-week trip to research my first cookbook. I was excited about that. But what I was looking forward to even more was showing my children the […]

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