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A Trip to Chinon, and a Recipe for Chocolate-Orange Madeleines

This year’s Dicembre Dolce features a French recipe ~ Chocolate Orange Grand Marnier Marbled Madelienes, from Jamie Schler’s new cookbook, Orange Appeal. * * * * * * Christmas came early for my daughter and me, in the form of a trip to France this month. The visit was work related; I went to teach […]

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Spiced Red Wine Cookies

Nonna Rhode Island’s chicken soup was the ultimate, with rich broth, thin noodles, and tiny meatballs. But her white wine cookies? Those would not have won any prizes. More biscuit than cookie, the egg-glazed rings of twisted dough were hard and not very sweet. You really had to bite down to break into them, and […]

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Dicembre Dolce: Coffee-Hazelnut Chifferi

Do you have a favorite cookie, one that you absolutely cannot do without during the holidays? In our family, that cookie was my mother’s hazelnut crescents. She had gotten the recipe from a German neighbor but they were just like the nut crescents known as “chifferi” found in parts of northern Italy. Ultra-rich, crumbly, buttery, […]

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Dicembre Dolce: Cranberry-Hazelnut Biscotti

I have my issues with social media (don’t we all) but there are times when I appreciate ~ even enjoy ~ it. Like when a spontaneous cookie exchange breaks out on Facebook. That is what happened to Linda, Adri, Marie and me a couple of weeks ago. One minute we were all commenting on a […]

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Tozzetti ~ Wine Cookies with Cinnamon

During the latter half of our Abruzzo culinary tour, we stayed at Agriturismo Il Portone, in the foothills of the Majella mountains. The place is run by a sweet young couple, Donatella and Giancarlo. Donatella can often be found in the kitchen baking chocolate tarts and cookies, which she sets out for breakfast. I loved […]

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Dicembre Dolce: Celli Ripieni {Jam-Filled Cookies from Abruzzo}

Jam- and nut-filled cookies are a traditional Christmas treat in Abruzzo and other parts of Italy. In our house, these cookies took the form of my mother’s calcionelli ~ fried half-moon pillows of sweet dough filled with ground nuts and honey and flavored with citrus zest. She fried them on Christmas morning and we ate them, still […]

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Chocolate Hearts and a Cookbook Appreciation

Eight or nine years ago I took a cookbook writing class at L’Academie de Cuisine, in Bethesda. I don’t know what prompted me to sign up for it; I never imagined I would be writing a cookbook. Writing cookbooks was for people like Julia Child and Jacques Pepin and Marcella Hazan; certainly not for a […]

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Biscotti alla Nutella (Nutella Butter Sandwich Cookies)

You may not remember the old days, before Nutella was available in this country. I do. Those were not happy times. My little kid brain could not fathom why something so marvelous–a chocolate concoction that Italian children spread on bread and ate for breakfast–could not be had in the land of peanut butter and marshmallow […]

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Traditional Scottish Shortbread-By Way of Italy

Traditional Scottish shortbread was the first recipe I ever clipped from a newspaper. I know it sounds odd because it’s not Italian. But of course that’s precisely why I was drawn to it. To me, everything that was not Italian was exotic–even a basic biscuit with just three main ingredients–butter, flour, and sugar. What drew […]

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