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Lemon-Ricotta Crostata with Mascarpone

There’s almost always a ricotta pie of some sort on our Easter table. When I was growing up it was my mother’s pastiera, a lattice-topped torte filled with a mixture of fresh ricotta, beaten eggs, sugar and cooked wheat berries, and flavored with a dash of cinnamon and a splash of Punch Abruzzo. I liked […]

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Gelato alla Nocciola for January

It took me years ~ no, decades ~ to appreciate gelato alla nocciola. Chocolate, not hazelnut, was my flavor when I was a child and it kept on that way for years, through visits to gelaterie from Venice to Palermo and at our favorite parlors in Rome and Silvi Marina, where we spent our summers: cioccolato, in […]

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Panna Cotta for a Crowd

I cooked for a bunch of people last weekend. And a bunch of people cooked for me. On Saturday afternoon I dropped off dinner for 12 at my friend Jill’s house. For the last few years, Jill and her husband, Rudy, and several other couples have been the winning bidders on a series of Big […]

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Dicembre Dolce: Panna Cotta alle Spezie

Raise your hand if… * yours is always the last house on the cul de sac to put up holiday lights. * you have yet to buy ~ let alone decorate ~ a tree. * the only batch of Christmas cookies you baked is long gone and you have yet to bake more. * haven’t […]

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Dicembre Dolce: Cherry Republic Biscotti

There is more than one way to slice biscotti. There are at least sixty. Or there will be when I’m through with them. Which is a roundabout way of saying I’ve just started work on a new book project. Subject: Biscotti. It won’t be an exhaustive project ~ just a fun little homage to one […]

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Strawberry-Apricot Pie

I hope they have health food in Dublin and strawberry apricot pie If they don’t have those things in Dublin we’ll probably die  For years—decades—I have wanted to make this pie. Strawberry-apricot pie. Ever since I first heard those three words strung together in the song “The Troubles” by The Roches. This was back in 1979 or […]

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Strawberry Granita: The Sweet Taste of Summer

There was a small gelateria around the corner from my aunts’ apartment in Rome. It was nothing fancy, no gilt mirrors or polished marble bar top. If it had a name, I never knew it. It was not the kind of place that would have made any Best Gelaterias in Rome list. The chairs were […]

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Baked Farro Pudding: Sweet & Slow

Patience is not a virtue of mine. From the moment I injured my finger I have pestered my doctor, and now my hand therapist, about when I can start cooking (with two hands) again, and writing (with two hands) again* and playing tennis (I have a two-handed backhand) again. And so on. While the answer […]

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A Mishap, a Cake, and a Midwinter Break

You may be familiar with that famous poem titled “Cut” by Sylvia Plath, the one that begins What a thrill — My thumb instead of an onion. Well, my dears, that was me a few days ago, except it was my index finger instead of my thumb. And winter squash puree instead of an onion. […]

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