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September I love you but you make me sad. Your arrival brings with it the end of endless days, the end of corn and peaches and tomatoes, the end of grand slam tennis. You throw me into a funk. This morning my son walked out the door a high school senior. His sister, a junior, […]

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Re-Entry Dish: Zuppa di Cozze

  Fried cheese curds Root beer float 8-ounce ‘gourmet’ burger with bacon, grilled mushrooms, onions and cheese Burnt almond torte Fried whitefish sandwich topped with creamy coleslaw Trio of sliders (Korean beef, corned beef, fried chicken) with a side of fries Creamy morel bisque (emphasis on the cream) Cherry pie Mackinac Island fudge That, my […]

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Parm Wonderful

  It’s hard to improve upon that spectacular gooey baked dish eggplant parmesan, aka melanzane alla parmigiana. It is the summer comfort food of choice for legions of Italians and Italian-Americans (and, no doubt, countless other humans, too). I mean, why mess with a classic, right? The truth is, some of us can’t help ourselves. That’s how I ended up with […]

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Put an Egg In It

Putting eggs on things is a thing. There are cookbooks about it, like this one and this one. There are lists devoted to it, and even a zine named for it. I myself like to put eggs on things. I also like to put eggs in things. Like meatloaf. Especially meatloaf, because ~ let’s face it ~ even […]

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Gilda’s Insalata di Riso

My mom had three older sisters, none of whom ever married. They shared an apartment in Rome, near Villa Ada, and each managed to forge for herself a respectable career in an era where most Italian women stayed home and raised children. Gilda was the oldest, and the most unassuming. Elsa, the second-oldest, was the […]

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Drumroll Please…{A Domenica Cooks Recipe Kit}

Photo by Postmark Chef UPDATE: The winner of the Postmark Chef recipe kit is…WENDY from Healthier Kitchen. Congratulations Wendy! * * * * * * I’ve never yearned to see my name in lights. Yet, I still remember the first byline I ever had as a newspaper reporter (it was atop a short article about […]

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Cavolo Verza {Savoy Cabbage}

That beautiful specimen you see in the photo is a head of Savoy cabbage. Italian cooks do wonderful things with this cabbage, which they refer to as cavolo verza. (The name Savoy refers to the historical region in northern Italy in which the cabbage thrives, and also to the House of Savoy, which ruled newly unified […]

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The Family Dish: Bulgur-Lentil Soup with Minted Olive Butter

Some in our family (my daughter and I) like soup more than others (my husband and son). Does this mean that I refrain from making soup for dinner? No way. It just means that I look for soup recipes that are likely to appeal to all, or at least most of us. In general, vegetable […]

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A Trip to Hawaii and A “Re-Entry” Family Dish

Coming back from vacation is tough. No matter how good it feels to be home, it also feels kind of bad. One day you’re lolling on the beach, or body surfing off the coast of Oahu, or enjoying a coconut cocktail at the famously pink Royal Hawaiian Hotel. The next day you’re wading not through […]

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The Family Dish: Fabio Trabocchi’s Flatbread

There are probably as many takes on flatbread as there are cuisines in the world. I can think of at least a dozen in Italy alone, from that most famous of famous renditions, pizza, which originated in Naples, to the crisp, paper-thin cracker bread known as carta da musica (“music paper”) from Sardinia. In Le […]

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