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January is for Giardiniera

Nothing beats the cold crunch of giardiniera on a blustery January day. I don’t know what it is exactly about this ubiquitous Italian mixed pickle ~ the tumble of vibrant colors, the peppery spices, the sharp tang of vinegar ~ but I always crave it at this time of year. My guess is that my […]

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Homemade Celery Salt

I’ve been enjoying wonderful celery from the farmers’ market. The Twin Springs stall has been carrying big bunches with long stalks and loads of leaves since early October. I’ve only had to buy it twice all season because the bunches are so generous. I’ve used some to make cream of celery soup. The rest has ended […]

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Torta di Mele con Sambuca

Hello, I’m back. And I’ve brought a new apple cake recipe with me. This one is courtesy of my friend Marta Carrozza of Il Marchese del Grillo B&B in Sulmona. Over the last few years I’ve asked her for I don’t know how many recipes, and she is always gracious about sharing them. I’ve written about […]

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Al Mercato {at the farmers’ market}

I can now say, unequivocally, that spring is here. Finally. Our local farmers’ market is OPEN. It’s a small market, about 15 vendors set up in the parking lot of the local library, but I love it and from May through December I count on it for vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, and essentials such as […]

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Fresh Shell Bean Soup for Fall

My farmers’ market is, at the moment, overrun with beans ~ green, wax, Romano, and the variety known here in Virginia as October beans. October beans also go by the name of cranberry beans and, in Italian, borlotti beans. They are classic soup beans. A certain amount of confusion surrounds these beans so I’d like […]

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Peas Please

I like to tread carefully where fresh English peas are concerned. They are delicate and their season is short so I try to make the most of it, usually by doing as little as possible: shell, sauté briefly, season lightly, eat. Or blanch, mash with a few droplets of oil, spread on crostini, eat. In […]

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Strawberry Festival

Every year on the first weekend in June, my dad would take my sister and me to the Strawberry Festival. This was in the ’70s, in the wilds of central New Jersey. Well, technically it was suburban New Jersey, just up the hill from our house and down the road from the Dairy Queen. But […]

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2012: The Year in Glorious Vegetables

I took a lot of pictures of vegetables in 2012. This is partly because I was working on The Glorious Vegetables of Italy, which will be published in the fall, so I was paying extra attention to my subject. But mostly it’s because vegetables are beautiful and deserve to be photographed. (BTW I am no […]

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Waiting for Fall’s Gold Rush

Honeycrisp may be the apple of the moment, but the apple of my eye is the GoldRush, a late-maturing variety that isn’t ready to pick until the end of October. Bright yellow, lightly speckled, with a deep rose—almost russet—blush, GoldRush is one gorgeous apple. Its ivory-colored flesh is firm and dense—so dense that when I […]

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Hello, Tomato Season…

Right now, across the country, farmers’ market stalls are teeming with tomatoes. Fat, lopsided heirlooms, green-striped zebras, shiny round cherries, and plump Romas among them. When it’s tomato season I eat them every day. I make tomato salad, with or without mozzarella. I put them on pizza and poke them into focaccia. I stuff them […]

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