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Figs, Chocolate, and Spice

I thought my little fig tree was done for. Three or four years ago it suffered severe die-back during a particularly cold winter. By mid-spring the branches still showed no signs of life, no leaves unfurling, no baby fruits. I thought about yanking it out and starting over. A friend who knows a lot more […]

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Candied Orange Peel

I recently wrote a piece for the Washington Post on the secret to making great cannoli. The secret, by the way, is to use my mother’s recipe, which she developed in the 1970s, and which, I can tell you, has stood the test of time. The crisp-fried shells, flavored with cocoa powder and finely ground […]

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Torta di Mele con Sambuca

Hello, I’m back. And I’ve brought a new apple cake recipe with me. This one is courtesy of my friend Marta Carrozza of Il Marchese del Grillo B&B in Sulmona. Over the last few years I’ve asked her for I don’t know how many recipes, and she is always gracious about sharing them. I’ve written about […]

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Gelato alle Foglie di Fichi

My poor fig tree has been up against it. It suffered severe dieback two winters ago and has never been quite the same. On the advice of a couple of experienced gardeners, I pruned it nearly to the ground. And while it has grown back, it is now more bush than tree. There are plenty of little […]

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Sorbetto di Ananas | Pineapple Sorbet

The other day I looked up from my computer and found it was midsummer. Suddenly, I was no longer the parent of a high school senior, but rather a college-bound high school graduate, brown as a nut (as my friend Kelly might say) from his job as a tennis camp counselor. His younger sister, meanwhile, managed […]

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Ode to Sicily and Blood Orange Crostata

I took one magical trip to Sicily back when I was 18 or 19. It was magical because life was pretty magical in those days. I was in college, but still under the protective wing of my parents, who themselves were still young. Summer days were gloriously long, and summer itself seemed to last forever. […]

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Figging Around

This is the second year that my fig tree has yielded a generous crop. For awhile I was a bit worried. The first fruits appeared early in spring, but then they kind of sat around on their stems, hard and green, for most of the summer. A number of them were deformed doubles ~ the […]

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Waiting for Fall’s Gold Rush

Honeycrisp may be the apple of the moment, but the apple of my eye is the GoldRush, a late-maturing variety that isn’t ready to pick until the end of October. Bright yellow, lightly speckled, with a deep rose—almost russet—blush, GoldRush is one gorgeous apple. Its ivory-colored flesh is firm and dense—so dense that when I […]

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Confettura di Prugne {Plum Jam}

I have a giving tree. It’s the plum tree in my side yard, the one I pass every day as I back out of and pull into the garage; the one with overgrown branches that I have to duck under every time I open the gate to take the dog for a walk; the one […]

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