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Gabriella’s Pizza Rustica

Over the years, my mother’s recipe for pizza rustica has been published here and there, in print and online. I included a version of it in my second book, Big Night In ~ it’s a celebration food, for sure ~ and I wrote about it years ago for The Washington Post. Most recently, I posted […]

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In Giro: Italy and More Around the Web

In giro is an Italian expression that roughly translates to “around.” It’s a common answer that young people give their parents or friends when asked where they’re going. Dove via? In giro. It’s usually sufficient because at some point everyone ends up in the piazza anyway. The verb girare means to turn, and the phrase […]

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A Good Dinner

It was not at all the dinner I had conjured in my mind as I was flying home from a four-day conference in Chicago. That dinner, the one in my head, involved homemade pasta, beautiful golden egg noodles dressed with a nice long-cooked sugo, possibly a homemade tart for dessert. It would be my way […]

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What Is “Real” Italian Cooking? Join Me for a Google Hangout

UPDATE: For those of you who were unable to join us on the Google+ hangout So You Think You Know Food: Italian, French, Portugutese, you can now watch it on YouTube. Please feel free to add you insight/comments here. It’s a fascinating discussion and one that is ongoing. * * * * * How do you […]

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Soup’s On: Join Me For an Online Class {Plus a GIVEAWAY}

You all know what a soup fiend I am. Since starting this blog a few years ago, I’ve posted recipes for some of my favorites, including garlicky lentil, October bean and cream of tomato. Soup was the focus of my first book, and (as I wrote back then) I could probably cook and gobble up […]

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How to Dress {Pasta}

No one in their right mind would ever come to me for advice on how to dress. I work from home, so I more or less live in yoga pants these days (I know, I know). But when it comes to dressing pasta, I know a thing or two, and I’d like to help you. […]

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Let’s Have Dinner at Le Virtu’

Last December, my friend Helen convinced me to hop a train to Philadelphia with her and have dinner at a place called Le Virtù. I had heard of the restaurant specializing in the cuisine of Abruzzo, which (as you all know) is the region my family is from. But, let’s face it, on a chilly […]

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Marcella Hazan: An Appreciation

(A similar version of this post appeared on American Food Roots) There was no Julia in our house when I was growing up. My Italian-born mother was always a bit suspicious of the large woman with the warbly voice who so enthusiastically preached the art of French cooking. But from the time her first cookbook, […]

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Weekend Project: Pasticcio di Melanzane

Sure, you could clean the gutters this weekend, or power wash the deck. You could rake leaves or aerate the lawn. You could sweep out the garage or reorganize your closets or put away your summer clothes. There’s something about this time of year that makes us want to put things in order. Unless. Unless you […]

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Meatball-Stuffed Zucchini in Tomato Sauce

At least once before the end of summer, my mom would make stuffed zucchini. She used smallish to medium-size zucchini, filled them with seasoned breadcrumbs and baked them. We ate them alongside mozzarella and other cheeses, or with sautéed veal, or sometimes with a chicken from the nearby rosticceria. Every so often she and my […]

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