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In Giro: Italy and More Around the Web

In giro is an Italian expression that roughly translates to “around.” It’s a common answer that young people give their parents or friends when asked where they’re going. Dove via? In giro. It’s usually sufficient because at some point everyone ends up in the piazza anyway. The verb girare means to turn, and the phrase […]

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Abruzzo Love

If you follow my Instagram feed (see the rotating images on the right rail of this page) you may know that I spent the latter half of July in Abruzzo, Italy, tooling around the Maiella and Gran Sasso mountain ranges with my family. Italy may be a small country, but Abruzzo is vast, with a […]

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Dreaming of Summer and a Tuscan Tour

Spring isn’t yet sprung ~ in fact, snow, wind and ice are happening my corner of the world. But I don’t care. I’m looking ahead to summer. I am throwing open the virtual glass doors and stepping out on the veranda, into the sun. A few weeks ago I got a surprise in the mail, […]

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The Cheeses of Anversa

Anversa degli Abruzzi sits on a ridge overlooking the Sagittario River gorges in the National Park of Abruzzo. The medieval village is home to about 430 inhabitants and the ruins of a Norman castle that dates back to the 12th Century. It is also where some of Abruzzo’s best cheeses are made. Anversa was the […]

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Strawberry Granita: The Sweet Taste of Summer

There was a small gelateria around the corner from my aunts’ apartment in Rome. It was nothing fancy, no gilt mirrors or polished marble bar top. If it had a name, I never knew it. It was not the kind of place that would have made any Best Gelaterias in Rome list. The chairs were […]

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Spring in Tuscany: Giulia Scarpaleggia

Giulia Scarpaleggia of Juls’ Kitchen I had such a lovely time visiting with Frances Mayes, that I have decided to extend my virtual soggiorno in Tuscany for another week. Today I am dropping in on Giulia Scarpaleggia, author of Le Ricette di Mia Nonna (My Grandma’s Recipes) and of the Italian food blog Juls’ Kitchen. Although […]

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Frances Mayes’s Tuscan Table

Virtually everyone who has traveled to Italy can describe a moment in which they were transported by food—whether a platter of plump, cheese-filled ravioli bathed in butter and sage; a silky, paper-thin slice of prosciutto draped over a warm puff of fried dough; a glossy cone of hand-dipped gelato. For Frances Mayes, author of the […]

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Dicembre Dolce: La Cicerchiata

Fabulous photo by France Ruffenach for Chronicle Books Fried dough pellets glued together with honey to form a ring. That, in essence, is la cicerchiata, a traditional dessert from Italy’s Abruzzo region. There is nothing subtle or sophisticated about it. And yet, it is impossible to resist. Here is what will happen if you set […]

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Cavolo Verza {Savoy Cabbage}

That beautiful specimen you see in the photo is a head of Savoy cabbage. Italian cooks do wonderful things with this cabbage, which they refer to as cavolo verza. (The name Savoy refers to the historical region in northern Italy in which the cabbage thrives, and also to the House of Savoy, which ruled newly unified […]

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