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Raspberry-Strawberry-Rhubarb Crostata

What happens when you put a classic American pie filling ~ strawberry-rhubarb ~ inside a classic Italian crostata crust? You end up with a lovely springtime dessert. Rhubarb isn’t really associated with Italian cooking ~ at least not to my mind. The only way I’ve seen it used in Italy has been in the form […]

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Strawberry-Apricot Pie

I hope they have health food in Dublin and strawberry apricot pie If they don’t have those things in Dublin we’ll probably die  For years—decades—I have wanted to make this pie. Strawberry-apricot pie. Ever since I first heard those three words strung together in the song “The Troubles” by The Roches. This was back in 1979 or […]

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A Fund for Jennie

Two and a half weeks ago—actually, on Sunday, August 7—I was in Hawaii with my family celebrating the wedding of my brothers-in-law. I had no idea that thousands of miles away in New York, my friend Jennifer Perillo’s world was falling apart. Her husband, Mikey, father to their two beautiful daughters, died suddenly of a […]

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When Is a Pie Not a Pie?

When it’s made by me. In fact, much like its creator, the dessert you see above hovers between two heritages, Italian and American. It began life as a typical Italian jam crostata—a rustic tart of sorts, made with tender, buttery pasta frolla (pastry) and filled with good blueberry jam. But since I was making it […]

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