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Saffron and Summer Risotto

Tired of grilling yet? I’m not either, but we’ve had a string of late-afternoon thunderstorms that seem to deliberately pass through our neighborhood right about the time we we would be lighting the coals. The other night, this was my backup plan: risotto with summer squash, mozzarella and saffron. That golden color, by the way, is […]

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Summer Notes and Green Tomato Preserves

For years my mom made green tomato preserves every summer. For years, she and my dad gobbled them up on toast while my sister and I ignored them in favor of the strawberry and plum jam she also made (wouldn’t you?). Last week I brought home a handful of green tomatoes from the farmers’ market, intending […]

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Weekend Project: Pasticcio di Melanzane

Sure, you could clean the gutters this weekend, or power wash the deck. You could rake leaves or aerate the lawn. You could sweep out the garage or reorganize your closets or put away your summer clothes. There’s something about this time of year that makes us want to put things in order. Unless. Unless you […]

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Figging Around

This is the second year that my fig tree has yielded a generous crop. For awhile I was a bit worried. The first fruits appeared early in spring, but then they kind of sat around on their stems, hard and green, for most of the summer. A number of them were deformed doubles ~ the […]

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Meatball-Stuffed Zucchini in Tomato Sauce

At least once before the end of summer, my mom would make stuffed zucchini. She used smallish to medium-size zucchini, filled them with seasoned breadcrumbs and baked them. We ate them alongside mozzarella and other cheeses, or with sautéed veal, or sometimes with a chicken from the nearby rosticceria. Every so often she and my […]

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Celebrating Italy’s Glorious Vegetables

In 2008, my family and I took a trip to Venice. Five years later, my most vivid memory of that trip is not of the Piazza San Marco, or the cathedral, or the gondolas wending their way through the canals. It is of the incredible display of vegetables at the Rialto farmers’ market. The selection […]

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Gilda’s Insalata di Riso

My mom had three older sisters, none of whom ever married. They shared an apartment in Rome, near Villa Ada, and each managed to forge for herself a respectable career in an era where most Italian women stayed home and raised children. Gilda was the oldest, and the most unassuming. Elsa, the second-oldest, was the […]

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Travelgram: A Trip to Stonewall Kitchen

I’m just back from a short road trip to York, Maine, where I had the pleasure of teaching two classes at the Stonewall Kitchen Cooking School. I’d never been to Maine before, so I was looking forward to this trip, to being in New England in all its spangled Yankee splendor, and to teaching at this […]

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Salsa Verde: Make Your Own Sunshine

What do you make when summer is a no-show, when instead of endless days of blue skies and sunshine you are served up rain and more rain? So much rain that instead of tomatoes, peppers and basil, these are what’s growing in your garden. So much rain that you worry that you yourself might be […]

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Arrosticini on the Gran Sasso d’Italia

While millions of people spent July ogling the David in Florence, the Pietà at the Vatican, and the Trevi Fountain in Rome, I was sighing over a different work of art made out of stone ~ the Gran Sasso d’Italia. This spectacular Apennine mountain range, whose tallest peak, the Corno Grande, rises to 2,912 meters (9,554 […]

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