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Thanksgiving’s Colorful Side

In the end, it doesn’t really matter how you slice it, or if you brine it or stuff it, or even whether you roast it or deep-fry it. In the end, turkey is turkey and it’s the sides that will make your Thanksgiving meal. Even more so than the desserts. Imagine a plate of roast […]

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A Love Child at the Thanksgiving Table

I recently posted this Instagram photo of something new (to me) called Kaleidoscope sprouts. I discovered that lots of others had never heard of them either. My friend Colleen commented, “My two favorite veggies had a love child?” That is exactly what happened. Kaleidoscope sprouts, also known as flower sprouts, are a clever cross between […]

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Bar Nuts

I inherited my passion for cooking from my mom. But my dad is the one who got me hooked on cookbooks. For a few years in the 1990s, my dad gave me a cookbook every Christmas. I do not know what precipitated this tradition (my mom was always the holiday shopper in the house). And […]

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Zuppa di Zucca Gialla {Winter Squash Soup}

Photo by Maren Caruso from Williams-Sonoma Rustic Italian (Weldon Owen) I resisted including a recipe for winter squash soup in The Glorious Soups and Stews of Italy. It seemed to me that there were already more than enough to go around, and one of my aims for the book was to shine a light on lesser […]

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Potatoes, Richly Repurposed

I had no intention of writing this post because, like you, I am done with Thanksgiving, and with the remains of the feast. Or so I thought. Then, the other day, I found the potatoes. They had been shoved in the back of my fridge. My brother-in-law, who hosted Thanksgiving this year, had densely packed […]

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Leftover Inspiration: Stuffing Dumpling Soup

There are only two Thanksgiving leftovers I’m really interested in. One is the carcass of the turkey, for broth; the other is the stuffing, for without stuffing there can be no stuffing dumplings to poach in the broth. Stuffing dumplings! Such an inspired idea. I with I had thought of it decades ago. Indeed, I […]

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Squash Cornbread and A Cookbook Appreciation

I stopped counting my cookbooks a long time ago. Every last bookshelf is jammed end-to-end with them, and they are now piled in precarious stacks around my house. Some of these stacks are two rows deep. I love all of the books—well, most of them, even the ones that sit untouched for months, or years. […]

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