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Re-Entry Dish: Zuppa di Cozze

  Fried cheese curds Root beer float 8-ounce ‘gourmet’ burger with bacon, grilled mushrooms, onions and cheese Burnt almond torte Fried whitefish sandwich topped with creamy coleslaw Trio of sliders (Korean beef, corned beef, fried chicken) with a side of fries Creamy morel bisque (emphasis on the cream) Cherry pie Mackinac Island fudge That, my […]

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The Family Dish: Coffee-Spiked Banana Bread

(This post originally appeared on The Washington Post’s All We Can Eat Blog) The bananas in the fruit bowl always seem to ripen faster than we can eat them. Personally, I like a slightly overripe banana, one with lots of brown speckles on the skin. But once the ratio of yellow to speckle tips in […]

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The Family Dish: Good To The Bone

Every so often a ham bone comes into my possession, for which I am always grateful. This is usually thanks to my brother-in-law Darren, who sometimes puts out a ham for family gatherings, and who is generous enough to part with the bone so that I may have it. Once or twice, when friends have […]

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The Family Dish: Bulgur-Lentil Soup with Minted Olive Butter

Some in our family (my daughter and I) like soup more than others (my husband and son). Does this mean that I refrain from making soup for dinner? No way. It just means that I look for soup recipes that are likely to appeal to all, or at least most of us. In general, vegetable […]

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The Family Dish: Watermelon and Tomato Salad

Did you ever mix milk and orange juice together when you were a kid? Gross, right? And yet, if you’ve ever enjoyed a Creamsicle on a hot summer day, you know that those two ingredients can be great together. Some food combinations are like that—completely counterintuitive. Take tomatoes and watermelon. The first time someone brought […]

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A Trip to Hawaii and A “Re-Entry” Family Dish

Coming back from vacation is tough. No matter how good it feels to be home, it also feels kind of bad. One day you’re lolling on the beach, or body surfing off the coast of Oahu, or enjoying a coconut cocktail at the famously pink Royal Hawaiian Hotel. The next day you’re wading not through […]

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Hold the Egg, Not the Anchovies: Caesar Salad My Way

Yesterday I posted my weekly Family Dish recipe on the Washington Post food blog, All We Can Eat: Chicken Caesar, a crunchy and refreshing main-dish salad. A tweet with a link to the post was sent out, only to provoke this rather snippy Twitter reply: “Oh come on, no mayo in Caesar, people.” Yes, it’s […]

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The Family Dish: Fabio Trabocchi’s Flatbread

There are probably as many takes on flatbread as there are cuisines in the world. I can think of at least a dozen in Italy alone, from that most famous of famous renditions, pizza, which originated in Naples, to the crisp, paper-thin cracker bread known as carta da musica (“music paper”) from Sardinia. In Le […]

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The Family Dish: Ziti with Sausage, Spinach, and Cream

I suppose my daughter, Adriana, should be writing this post, but it’s summer and she is off with her BFF on a bike ride, so the text falls to me. The recipe is all hers. It’s an incredibly simple, flavor-packed pasta dish that she dreamed up a few weeks ago while we were in the […]

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The Family Dish: Big, Cool Noodle Bowl

When my daughter, Adriana, is looking for something to make for dinner, she never reaches for one of my cookbooks. Almost always, the first books she consults are those by my friend Nancie McDermott. In this week’s Family Dish, Adriana writes about one of her favorite recipes from Nancie’s book Quick and Easy Vietnamese—Big, Cool […]

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