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Pomodori Ripieni | Stuffed Tomatoes

Most Tuesdays, my friend Tori Ritchie, a veteran cookbook author and food writer, emails a recipe to subscribers. I’ve been one for years and I always enjoy seeing her Tuesday Recipe emails in my inbox (the same cannot be said for all the emails in my inbox). The recipes Tori shares are usually simple and always appetizing. Often […]

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Ciabotto Abruzzese

As soon as I took a bite of this vegetable stew at my friend Giulia’s house, I knew I wanted to share the recipe with you. Ciabotto (cha-bot-toh), as it is called in Abruzzo, is the essence of summer, a savory sauté of zucchini, eggplant, potatoes, onions, and tomatoes, cooked in wine and a generous amount […]

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Vellutata di Sedano

Celery seems to have been left out of the current vegetable love fest. For awhile, kale was the primary object of all the affection. This year it’s Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. But celery? No love. Here’s the thing: we all have a bag of celery in our fridge. And maybe that’s the problem. Supermarket celery, with its pale […]

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Parm Wonderful

  It’s hard to improve upon that spectacular gooey baked dish eggplant parmesan, aka melanzane alla parmigiana. It is the summer comfort food of choice for legions of Italians and Italian-Americans (and, no doubt, countless other humans, too). I mean, why mess with a classic, right? The truth is, some of us can’t help ourselves. That’s how I ended up with […]

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Summer Notes and Green Tomato Preserves

For years my mom made green tomato preserves every summer. For years, she and my dad gobbled them up on toast while my sister and I ignored them in favor of the strawberry and plum jam she also made (wouldn’t you?). Last week I brought home a handful of green tomatoes from the farmers’ market, intending […]

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Bitter Is Better: A Puntarelle Primer

Maybe you were expecting a box of chocolates or a dozen roses. Don’t worry. I have something better. Something bitter. Because bitter is better. I’m talking about puntarelle (cicoria catalogna), a member of the big, beautiful, bitter family of chicories that also includes endive, escarole and all those lovely varieties of radicchio, such as Castelfranco, Verona, […]

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Olio Santo ~ Abruzzo’s Holy Oil

A distant cousin once entertained my sister and me at the dinner table by eating whole hot peppers. We were little and thought he was crazy, but he was Abruzzese, and as I came to learn first-hand, we Abruzzesi love our peperoncini. No matter where you sit down for a meal in Abruzzo, whether at […]

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Thanksgiving’s Colorful Side

In the end, it doesn’t really matter how you slice it, or if you brine it or stuff it, or even whether you roast it or deep-fry it. In the end, turkey is turkey and it’s the sides that will make your Thanksgiving meal. Even more so than the desserts. Imagine a plate of roast […]

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Let’s Have Dinner at Le Virtu’

Last December, my friend Helen convinced me to hop a train to Philadelphia with her and have dinner at a place called Le Virtù. I had heard of the restaurant specializing in the cuisine of Abruzzo, which (as you all know) is the region my family is from. But, let’s face it, on a chilly […]

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