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Food Writing Workshop in France

That’s right ~ I am venturing outside of Italy for a change. I’m thrilled to be teaming up with Jamie Schler, author of the award-winning blog Life’s a Feast and the forthcoming cookbook Orange Appeal, for a food writing workshop in France. Jamie and I will be hosting a four-day writer’s retreat from December 6-10 […]

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Q & A with Jael McHenry, Author of ‘The Kitchen Daughter’

UPDATE: And…the winner of The Kitchen Daughter is CARMEN. Congratulations Carmen! The winner was chosen at random, which is to say I wrote everyone’s name on little pieces of paper, folded them, shuffled them, and put them in a baseball cap. My daughter stuck her hand in and pulled out Carmen’s name. Thanks to everyone […]

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Looking for Inspiration? Open Your Eyes…and Get to Work

Why on earth did I decide to write a book about pasta? Why pick such a well-trodden subject? Or, to put the question in more general terms, how do you take a subject that has been written about–a lot–and make it new? I considered this question recently in an essay I wrote for WORDS, the […]

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Chocolate Hearts and a Cookbook Appreciation

Eight or nine years ago I took a cookbook writing class at L’Academie de Cuisine, in Bethesda. I don’t know what prompted me to sign up for it; I never imagined I would be writing a cookbook. Writing cookbooks was for people like Julia Child and Jacques Pepin and Marcella Hazan; certainly not for a […]

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