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2018 TOUR DATES ANNOUNCED! Join us September 23-30, 2018, for a magical week of food, wine, culture and friendship.

Come explore one of Italy’s last undiscovered regions, a place of ancient castles and medieval villages, of green hills and olive groves, and of incomparable food and wine.

Abruzzo Presto!I’m thrilled to be leading culinary tours in the magnificent region of Abruzzo, together with stellar hosts and guides Nancy and Michael Morizio of Abruzzo Presto. For eight full days we immerse ourselves in the culture and cuisine of Italy’s “green heart,” the beautiful region where my mother was born and raised and where I spent my summers growing up.

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Our days consist of exploring the countryside and the towns around the Maiella and Gran Sasso mountain ranges, and along Abruzzo’s Adriatic coast. Much of our exploration is centered on local ingredients and cuisine. We sample local olive oil, truffles, and saffron, and taste wines from Abruzzo’s best vineyards. On the coast we dine on freshly caught fish. And in the mountains we feast on porchetta, and wood-fired pizza. Along the way we tour medieval towns and hike to castles high in the Apennine mountains.

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We spend some of our days beautiful Sulmona, birthplace of the poet Ovid, and also famous for the delicious candy-coated almonds known as confetti. We learn about and sample the region’s best sheep’s milk cheeses and we spend an afternoon picnicking at Campo Imperatore, near the summit of the Gran Sasso.

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We also spend some time in professional kitchens, where I teach two hands-on cooking classes, together with local Abruzzese cooks. For our Market-to-Table class we shop at the farmers’ market in Sulmona for ingredients, and then head to the kitchen to turn what we buy into a meal. In our pasta class, we learn how to make Abruzzo’s most famous pasta dishes, such as ricotta-stuffed ravioli, spaghetti alla chitarra and maccheroni alla molinara. And, we fire up a communal oven in the countryside and make wood-fired pizza. Our meals are always be accompanied by Abruzzo’s finest wines. Join us for an unforgettable adventure!

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Abruzzo Presto and I want this to be a memorable experience, so we are limiting the number of guests to 10 people.

Dates and Details:

September 23-30, 2018

Tour includes:

  • Transfers to and from Rome’s Fiumicino Airport in a private air-conditioned van.
  • All lodgings and meals, with courses designed to highlight the exquisite cuisine of Abruzzo.
  • Private vineyard and winery tours, with accompanied wine tastings.
  • Personalized guided tour excursions with artisan cheese makers, bakers, and producers of saffron and extra-virgin olive oil.
  • Preparing wood-fired pizza in the Abruzzo countryside.
  • Hands-on cooking classes, including a market-to-table class and a pasta-making class.
  • Personalized recipes from Domenica Cooks for you to take home.

Along the way we tour Abruzzo’s stunning cultural gems, including medieval castles, churches, mountain villages, hermitages and more.

All-inclusive price per person double-occupancy for 8 days/7 nights: $4,950
($150 per day single supplement).

Book your tour directly at Abruzzo Presto.

For more information or to check availability, contact info@abruzzopresto.com.


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