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Ciabotto Abruzzese

As soon as I took a bite of this vegetable stew at my friend Giulia’s house, I knew I wanted to share the recipe with you. Ciabotto (cha-bot-toh), as it is called in Abruzzo, is the essence of summer, a savory sauté of zucchini, eggplant, potatoes, onions, and tomatoes, cooked in wine and a generous amount […]

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Sorbetto di Ananas | Pineapple Sorbet

The other day I looked up from my computer and found it was midsummer. Suddenly, I was no longer the parent of a high school senior, but rather a college-bound high school graduate, brown as a nut (as my friend Kelly might say) from his job as a tennis camp counselor. His younger sister, meanwhile, managed […]

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Spring Synchronicity

Sometimes ~ not always, but sometimes ~ things fall together nicely. Last week, the respected food and cooking website Serious Eats named The Glorious Vegetables of Italy one of five essential Italian cookbooks. It was a completely unexpected and entirely welcome accolade for one of my favorite “babies” (as I tend to think of my books), […]

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Open Season at the Farmers’ Market

My local farmers’ market opened for the season last week. As usual, I was powerless against the charms of the ruffled chard, the elegant spears of asparagus, the colorful knobby carrots, the tender salad greens. New at the Twin Springs stall was a bin of “kaleidoscope scapes,” the stalks of the plant that in the fall yields […]

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When In Rome…

UPDATE: Well, what can I say? I loved reading all of your comments, all the things you love about Rome. I love the same things ~ the fountains, the gelato, the little restaurants tucked away on side streets. I also love the parks ~ Villa Borghese, Villa Ada (near where my aunts used to live). […]

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La Farinata: A Favorite Ligurian Snack

It occurs to me that I’ve talked a lot about the flavors of Genova and Liguria, but I haven’t really given you a taste. So before we leave this beautiful region of cliffs and cool breezes, of ports and seaside villages, I’d like to share this recipe for farinata, a classic Ligurian street food. Farinata […]

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The Flavors of Genova

Genova is a city of contrasts, of grand palaces and of narrow maze-like streets called caruggi, of Baroque cathedrals and of hole-in-the-wall fish fry joints. Like Naples, the city spills down towards the water and sprawls up into the hills. You can ride the funicular or a lift to take in the view from above, and […]

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Anchovy Love in Genova

I was expecting to be wowed by the Italian Riviera, but as it turns out it was Genoa ~ Genova in proper Italian ~ that won me over, starting with a tiny trattoria. One of my rules when traveling, especially long distances, is that there ought to be a nice meal ~ or at least the […]

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Beautiful Liguria

No doubt there is a place in the world that owns your heart, as Italy owns mine. Most of my heart (as we all know) belongs to Abruzzo. But I have a feeling I’m about to leave a piece of it in Liguria, where I’m headed for a few days of R&R&R (research and rest […]

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Spaghetti Frittata

I took a long walk this morning to clear my head before a full weekend of writing. Although we had a little snow and freezing rain yesterday on the official first day of spring (!), it has already disappeared. The light is soft and diffuse and there is a definite springtime feel in the air. With […]

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